AI Can Save Human Resources

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AI Can Save Human Resources


The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is progressively increasing. For example, Haidilao artificial intelligence hot pot store has significantly integrated AI into its operations. Haidilao has tapped technology to a greater level in order to efficiently serve customers. The company has used AI through using food delivery robots as well as an intelligent kitchen management system (Chen, Shen & Fan, 2015). According to Haidilao employees, they feel that AI specifically the robots are not a threat to them (Chen, Shen & Fan, 2015). The public believe that in Haidilao employees have been replaced by robots. Despite the employees of organizations such as Haidilao accepting and being comfortable with AI in the company, the public has been resistance to the adoption of AI claiming that it cannot save human resources. The public has shown concerns that AI instead replaces human resources, causing the problem of unemployment. Apparently, AI can save human resources in workplaces in various ways that will be discussed in this paper drawing to the example of Haidilao.

Summary of the audience’s views

The public makes the perfect audience for this topic. The public, especially those seeking jobs, view AI as a hindrance to job acquisition. There are fears among the public that there are no more job opportunities because AI intelligence has taken up most work at workplaces. For example, in Haidilao’s case, the public seems to be pretty convinced that waiters have been replaced by delivery robots. According to the public’s perception, there have been reduced job vacancies since the integration of AI into workplaces. Currently, AI has taken major work processes, including complex tasks that are beyond humans’ capacity. AI has demonstrated to be highly sophisticated and reliable (Smith, 2019). Consequentially, the public believe that it has imposed a threat of replacing human resources at workplaces in the near future. Therefore, AI from the public’s perspective will not save human resources but rather eradicate human resources leaving many people devastated and hopeless. People will lose their jobs; many will remain poor and hopeless. 

Common ground

Experts have projected that artificial intelligence will improve human resources effectiveness but also remains as a threat to human abilities, autonomy, and agency. Human Resources have faith that integrating AI into Human Resource Administration functionalities will benefit and enhance the general employee experience (Taddeo & Floridi, 2018). Work efficiency has been achieved through AI, recruitment of best talent has also been achieved through AI, and many other benefits which have helped to transform human resources in organizations. There are substantial possibilities that AI inform of computers might match or supersede human intelligence and abilities of tasks like making complex decisions, reasoning, language translations, speech recognition, sophisticated analytics, as well as visual acuity. These are the benefits that are important in transforming work processes that everyone would like to happen. No one likes difficult work. AI is there to make work easier, and its advances continue to make work processes in workplaces easier (Taddeo & Floridi, 2018). Like in Haidilao, the employees view AI to ease work processes and make it fun. Similarly, the public also view AI as a means of easing work and transforming work processes.  It is a priority in every workplace to ensure workplace safety is attained. With the help of AI, we all agree that AI’s ability to detect and give warning on risks and chances of hazards play an integral role in workplaces. Currently, we all admit that we are all enjoying the convenience of AI in essential aspects such as communication. No one would object that they do not enjoy the convenience brought by AI in communication, among other services. Therefore, we all have a common ground that AI has transformed human lives and continues to improve efficiency and convenience in various ways, especially in workplaces. We all are looking forward to smart systems that focus on saving time, money, as well as lives and also provide opportunities for people to enjoy a more customized future. 

Contribution of new ideas

First of all, Al signals technology step to improve the human resource department, which was once administrative functions. The performance of the organization is indicated by the ways the organization manages its workforce. Nowadays, HR should come up with a competitive advantage for organizations (Taddeo & Floridi, 2018). Haidilao adoption of intelligent management services has significantly transformed work processes in the company. It has AI that has created a shift in HRs focus from its administrative to other higher practices like performance control and teamwork. It focuses on some of the key jobs than all the work and in groups of critical workers rather than every worker. The primary benefit of AI is to come up with efficiency gains. Most importantly, work efficiency has been achieved through AI, recruitment of best talent has also been achieved through AI, and many other benefits which have helped to transform human resources in organizations.

Secondly, it streamlines employee onboarding in the organization. Human resource technology has been changing rapidly due to technological improvement in artificial intelligence, analytics of people, and matching semantic capabilities. In Haidilao, recruiting has been made to be smarter when identifying, hiring, and recruiting of employees. The organization focuses on coming up with greater employee experience. Artificial applications assist the company in compiling and gathering statistics from samples work, word choice, and social media o enable understanding personality traits and notice some of the potential employees to values of a company (Taddeo & Floridi, 2018). The virtual workforce has generated more opportunities and interviews in the video for companies to help look for potential employee’s micro-expressions and facial expressions by the use of artificial intelligence. In Haidilao, employee experience is improved through artificial intelligence leveraging. Once the companies have identified suitable employees for the available job, technological advancement will help in coming up with custom learning policies for each employee. Combining artificial intelligence with learning systems of management controls a pathway for skilled development based on the interest of the employee, additional skills, knowledge, and existing skills to provide development programs that meet the goals of the business in an organization and employees’ personal goals. Artificial intelligence creates a prediction of employee level of engagement and comes up with suggestions basing on issues that make a difference for employees.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence improves the engagement of employees and creates a better relationship as evident in Haidilao Company. The happiness of an employee is in connection with the control of sense in their lives. This can be highlighted by the latest develiver robots introduced in Haidilao that are giving out flexible job options to employees for accommodating their goals, aspirations, and personal experiences. Artificial intelligence creates a possibility for teams to extend across the layout to collaborate and connect (Daugherty & Wilson, 2018). It also helps to streamline the sharing of documents, cross-functional collaboration, and accessibility. Some of these collaboration tools are transcription, facial recognition, bolster productivity, screen sharing features, and enhanced video. Artificial intelligence helps in coming up with differentiated experiences of an employee to increase collaboration and communication; hence, employee satisfaction is achieved. Artificial intelligence helps to improve socialization in the workplace; this relationship is essential to well- being and satisfaction of an employee. It is also used to improve the social relationship through nudges, transparent feedback, and mentorship programs at work. When recognizing employment, it improves connection socially by fostering a sense of belonging. This is evident by the way employees are getting along well with the delivery robots. Employees find it fun working with robots and boots their social interactions. It also bolsters this social connection fostering a sense of belonging. When employees are emotionally invested in the success of their colleagues, they become intrinsically motivated to perform better and remain loyal to their organization (Daugherty & Wilson, 2018). Suppose Haidilao is looking to improve workplace culture, artificial intelligence-driven feedback technologies helps. Artificial intelligence promotes the wellness of the workplace due to the long-time being spent at work, and mental and physical is vital for Haidilao and other organizations worldwide. Artificial intelligence-based well-being solutions enable employers to improve workplace health. It serves initiated nudges that will allow employees to come up with better changes in lifestyle such as exercise reduce behaviors that are unhealthy and stress reduction.

The presence of artificial intelligence in work helps employers to take up measures of improving the satisfaction of the employee and create a culture of engagement. Besides that, artificial intelligence helps in saving time when performing tusk in an organization’s human resource. Haidilao has managed to serve time significantly due to the adoption of AI. Time management is more critical in regards to improved technology. Besides that, artificial intelligence helps in saving time when performing tusk in an organization’s human resource. Time management is more critical in regards to improved technology (Lamberton, Brigo, & Hoy, 2017). Some of how professional organizations in keeping time using artificial intelligence are the collection of data by helping to avoid doing the heavy lifting. Data and AI go together hand in hand to make work simple for an organization. AI also helps in the creation of business content by creating blog posts from the press releases. It goes along ways in saving money and time in a company (Daugherty & Wilson, 2018).. AI improves the performances of a team while also creating jobs. Haidiao job performance has improved due to the collaborative work done by human resources and the robots in delivering efficient customer service. The essential key for this is coming up with the right solution to make everything function well. It too Important to start slow and build from there to any organization that is still at a stage of infancy.

Al will hence help in understanding better the most significant impact on your organization. Artificial intelligence increases retention rates and productivity by helping an individual hiring more qualified candidates. It speeds the selection process of the candidates and comes up with invaluable analysis (Lamberton et al., 2017). It helps in matching candidates with the right work, or job. AI algorithms help in identify the traits of successful workers and look for candidates having the same features for particular work. The use of artificial intelligence also reduces bias when hiring in a company department. AI helps to ignore the information for a candidate’s race, gender, and age. This is evident by the diversity in Haidiao’s workforce. It even does not begin with any biases against geographic locations, organizational affiliation, and university attended. In general, the use of AI reduces hiring bias and create a culturally diverse workplace.

Lastly, artificial intelligence enables employers to craft job descriptions. It has become possible to perform some of the tasks that cannot be done by human beings and machines take over this tusk, which was thought of being too complex and subtle for automation. This is what makes good work sustainable and productive, as well as full filing and engaging for the workers (Taddeo & Floridi, 2018). It also aligns norms and good jobs with larger community values. AI automates all learning, meaning, and creativity to do a good job and helps in crafting beds and assist recruiters in crafting the best job description.AI software helps the writer skills prose to reach the candidate desired. AI has taken HR management to another level by improving the capacity, saving time and increasing information accuracy that is vital for decisive people management. Furthermore, artificial intelligence improves the engagement of employees and creates a better relationship. The happiness of an employee is in connection with the control of sense in their lives. The usage of artificial intelligence analyses provide better insight into the way for executing and operating some functions.


To sum up, AI has more benefits on human resources and in future it will have transformed human resources in organizations. Like in the case of Haidilao, it is evident that humans and AI currently work collaboratively in producing an ever increasing human resource data stored in the cloud. Despite the audience views that AI as a hindrance to job opportunities and a threat of replacing human resources at workplaces in the near future. AI play a role of efficiently automating several back office functionalities for reliable human resource transactions as well as service delivery.  Haidiao adoption of AI has proved this point, as it is seen that employees are not threatened by AI instead they embrace it and enjoy the convenience brought about by AI. Therefore, AI will better the lives of people and improve work efficiency that will lead to the success of organizations. It is important to integrate AI for a sustainable future.