The United States Australia & Donald Trump Free Sample Essay

Part 1: The United States

The United States became a world leader because it was in proper shape and had the best economy as compared to other countries that joined the wars in the early stages. It had superior weapons and a superior military that was feared (Russell, 2011). The United States had access to oil which gave them an economic advantage since it was their economic resource. Additionally, the USA had a strong alliance and support. Immediately after World War II, the United Nations, as well as NATO, was established (Russell, 2011). These endorsed the USA to be a world leader enabling it to envoy foreign policy in all countries.

Part 2: Australia

Australia has been able to sustain and manage international affairs despite the changing trends. This has been facilitated by their adoption of multiculturalism and diversity which has enabled immigrants from other nations to enter Australia thus making able Australia to create a strong mutual relationship with other countries. (Clark, 2017) Actually, Australia has managed and improved its international affairs by embracing and adopting international policies. International policies help to control and also manage international affairs since the countries involved are under the protection of a common policy thus improving the relationship between the two countries (Taylor, 2016). Therefore, Australia has adopted and implemented international policies which have helped in establishing a mutual relationship between Australia and other countries (Taylor, 2016).

Part 3: Donald Trump

President Donald Trump is putting much effort into averting the global trade with China using various strategies (“Trump’s trade war pins Australia,” 2018). In fact, he is planning to introduce more punitive tariffs precisely on the imported aluminium though it will cause unnecessary costs to other countries including Australia and United States (“Trump’s trade war pins Australia,” 2018). Though this latest strategy is intended to protect national security and also curb Chinese imports, I think it has a significant economic impact on other countries. I think that this is wrong that oppresses other innocent countries consequentially. He should rather consider other alternative strategies that do not negatively affect the countries that are meant to be protected.