Through My World: A Life in the Day with Emotional Turmoil

Life with care and support from both parents is awesome. Being born into a peaceful family who was so caring and always, therefore, me was a good life that everyone would admire. My parents would provide anything I wanted and they showered me with love and affection. I was full of happiness as my parents would not let me fall asleep without narrating to me bedtime stories and sing me two of my special songs. One day, both of my parents were involved in a car accident that costed their lives. This was the end of my happiness as everything began to fall apart.  I was taken to a foster home where I am now living with my foster parents. I am now in a new environment with new people and this is really building up my emotional turmoil.

I no longer receive the kind of treatment that my parents used to give me. Moreover, I always feel isolated whenever I am around this new family. I feel like an outcast. I am not even free to socialize with them. The thought of living without my real parents for the rest of my life really breaks my heart. I have never got over the death of my parents as day in day out I mourn to it. At school, I nowadays tend to isolate myself spend most of my time alone feeling emotionally distressed. My life seems to have lost its meaning.  I cry a lot from time to time given that my new foster parents tend to care less about me. These foster parents claim to be always business and hardly have time for me. So, it is always upon me to be there for myself despite being a young child who needs special attention from his parents. Actually, at this point, I live a sorrowful life filled with emotional turmoil that is really eating me up such that I wonder why I have to go through all these.