Organizational Change


Question 1

The employee has difficulties in relating with other employees. He has temper issues and poor interpersonal skills that make him fall into a misunderstanding with his fellow employees at their workplace. He has begun developing an attitude of feeling that he has been alienated by other employees because the other employees tend to avoid him so as not to be victims of his temper issues.

The organization has contributed to this challenge in various ways. First, the organization has failed to offer training of employees on how to relate to each other. The company has not offered training of employees so as to learn how to express interpersonal skills effectively. The organization has not provided a favorable environment conducive for working that would avoid misunderstanding and confusion thus stressing employees.

To address this issue, I would recommend that the company should conduct regular training and seminars for employees to be taught about relating effectively at work and also taught about stress management. Additionally, the company should also provide favorable working conditions and environment for the employees so as to avoid stress.

To prevent this situation from happening in future, I will recommend that the organization should consider calling this employee and explain to him the effects of his conduct to the organization while showing him the best conduct that is expected from him by the organization. Second, organize anger management therapy sessions for him and finally, establish policies that govern the code of conduct of the employees so as to avoid reoccurrence of such a situation.

Out of this, I have learned that management is all about managing, controlling and organizing employees. I have also learned that employees’ code of conduct is critical to the organization’s reputation and performance. I have also learned that employee training is important in ensuring effective job activities. I have also learned that a favorable work environment helps in reducing stress among employees and contributes significantly to the productivity of the organization.

Question 2

I have ever worked in a certain pharmaceutical manufacturing company sometime back. In the company, storage of important documents was relied on filing and storing in closed cabinets and drawers. For a long time the company preferred storing its documents using traditional method of keeping documents in hard copy by filing them and storing them in closed cabinets. However, a number of issues had been raised by some employees that some documents were missing. Some claimed that some documents got worn out and old leading to some information getting distorted. Also, confusion was rampant that made tracing of documents hard and tiresome. Therefore, to address these issues, the human resource department decided to make a process oriented change within the company. This was to change the method of storage of documents from traditional method of using files and cabinets to digital methods which included use of computers and cloud storage of useful data and documents. Human resource manager emphasized and explained about the importance of changing to this method as the best intervention. The manager introduced this change by first calling for a meeting for all employees and demonstrated how the new data storage method will function.

A number of staffs were excited about the new data storage methods while only a few were resister to thus change. Some claimed that use of computers and cloud storage is not reliable as it the data stored in them will be prone to distortion by viruses or stolen by hackers. The claimed that they would rather stick to the traditional method of filing and use of cabinet to store data which they consider to be safer than the digital methods. In a response to this resistance to the change, the human resource manager assured them that all computers together will the servers will be installed with internet security and antivirus software that will protect the documents from being affected with viruses. Also, a strong firewall was established in the organization’s website to resist hacking.