The United State Elections Interference

The lawmakers who have been pushing to address the issue of election interference by Russia have dismissed the White House’s brand new effort for punishing foreign election meddlers terming it to being inefficient, thus alleging that they will try to make a vote to come up with severe punitive legislation (Barnes & Fandos, 2018). This has been a political issue calling for justice to the people through the right means. Senators have united against this issue advocating for the implementation of strict punitive sanctions (Barnes & Fandos, 2018). However, Trump made an executive order giving the director of national intelligence mandate to undertake an investigation of foreign interference in the United States election. This executive order not only does it focus on Russia but also applies to all other countries such as China, Iran, and North Korea that are perceived to be capable of interfering with United States elections (Barnes & Fandos, 2018). Both Democrats and Republican senators have criticized the executive order claiming that it is inadequate and ineffective and emphasized that only the legislature has the capacity to impose tough and effective action against Russia.

In my view, the legislature has the mandate of making laws for the country and for that reason, I believe the legislature is the appropriate organ to implement adequate and effective sanction on Russia and any other country or individual for meddling with the previous United States election. The fact that President Trump is alleged to have had a connection with the Russian President Putin made his executive order not to be trustable. It is probable that the executive order with sanction action on Russia will be biased and lenient on Russia because they are the one who meddled with the election to make Trump win the presidential election. Therefore, I would be fair and effective suppose senators, are granted the opportunity to make and punitive sanction against those who meddled with the United States election.