You’ll Never Work (Or Play) Here Again

Annotated Bibliography

Brian, L. P. (June 14, 2012). You’ll Never Work (Or Play) Here Again: A Lingering Question in Title IX Retaliation Claims Brought by Coaches and Athletes After Jackson v. Birmingham Board of Education. Marquette Sports Law Review, 22, 2.)

Brian’s article seeks to bring into light discrimination and retaliation brought against whistleblowers complaining about the maltreatment and unfair treatment of both female and male athletes. Brian bases his argument on Title IX retaliation, he claims that whistleblowers such a Roderick Jackson are discriminated against and punished for complaining about the unfair treatment of athletes. The author’s argument is strong as he uses Roderick’s situation as an example of how whistleblowers are retaliated. Moreover, the Supreme Court between cases puts more weight on the author’s argument as it proves that actually both discrimination exist to athletes and also retaliation to whistleblowers. This article is relevant to Silvia Camporesi’s article since they both try to reveal the unfairness and maltreatment of female athletes and advocate for fair treatment for all athletes.

Grappendorf, H. (January 01, 2011). Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, Where We’re Going: Girls and Women in Sport and Physical Activity. Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, 20, 1, 93-94.

Grappendorf’s article seeks to advocate and foster towards effective efforts to ensure gender equity in Olympics. Grappendorf argues that dispite efforts to eliminate gender discrimination, females still experiences some types of sterotypes related to gender roles and beliefs that women are inferior to men. The author has a strong argument when he strongly suggest that certain gender based issues in sports needs to be address so as to benefit both physical and psychological benefits. This article is relevant to Silvia Camporesi’s article because they both are fighting against discrimination and unfair treatment of women in sports. They both identify and call for immediate attention to be taken to address those critical issues that women athletes face.

Halbert, C. (February 01, 1997). TOUGH ENOUGH AND WOMAN ENOUGH: Stereotypes, Discrimination, and Impression Management Among Women Professional Boxers. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 21, 1, 7-36.

Halbert’s article seeks to apprehend the position of the United States female professional boxers, being a sports event regarded to be deviant for women. The author made his argument strong as he interviews from 12 professional women boxers which assisted in revealing the discrimination women faces in gyms and during competitions. The author further argues that, the women boxers know the need for fair identity which is not too masculine neither is it too feminine. This article is relevant to Silvia Camporesi’s article because it push for the need of balance and equal identity to all athletes.