Informational Interview

I contacted Tiffany Gray, a sales executive at Agro Farma Inc. a private company manufacturing yogurt located in New Berlin, New York to carry out an informational interview. I reached her through the company’s cooperate telephone number, (607) 847-6181. When I called, Tiffany Gray picked up the call immediately and responded by saying her name and her job position then asked how I would like to be helped. I also did not hesitate to express myself by beginning with my name and the reason why I called. I informed her that I called with intent to carry out an information interview with her but first I had to ask permission from her.  She accepted but she told me that I had to make it brief in order to save time since she had other duties to attend to. I then proceeded by telling that I major in business management so I would like to get some information about sales executive career since it is my field of interest. She responded to all my questions fully through the interview thus making my interview a success.

I got to learn that the sales executive position requires good etiquette and a well-articulated person. The first impression that I got from Tiffany was how she spoke politely and in a respectable manner. She sounded very welcoming is very important in encouraging effective communication. Her communication skills were perfect; she addressed me with clear and easy words that any layman would understand. She was audible enough that I would hear every word she mentioned. As we spoke through the phone, I would notice that Tiffany was exercising proper turn taking. She would let me talk when it was my time and at no point did she interrupt me as I was talking. Another thing I learned from her is that she never leaves any stone unturned. For every question I asked her, she responded very well and in fact even expounding more on them so that I could get a clear understanding. Lastly, I learned that Tiffany is a good timekeeper based on how she handled all the questions in a short time.

With regards to the information I obtained from the interview, I got to learn that her role as a sales executive is to negotiate contracts and packages, plan and make sales visits, demonstrate and present merchandise, attend trade meetings and exhibitions, review performance of the company’s sales, maintain proper and concise records, look for new customers and as well ensure that they maintain existing customers, and also strive to achieve the company’s annual goals. Other notable duties of a sales executive I learned are that as a sales executive Tiffany has the obligation to answer queries, and also provide advice.

Before the interview ended, Tiffany left me with some advice.   She advised me that it is important that I take my studies seriously since everything that I am taught about business management in school applies in the sales executive career. She asserted that acquiring skills in being taught in school is essential in facilitating and easing one’s work in his or her future career. She also advised me that to be a productive sales executive, one has to be self-driven, industrious, have etiquette and most importantly be professional. The interview inspired me as I felt well informed about the sales executive career and with the advice given, I am motivated to work hard to be a sales executive after I graduate.