Craft in America

Family plays a role in craft objects making through the support and appreciation from the family members towards the craft makers as it encourages and inspires them to produce more crafts that are beautiful and of high quality. Ed Moulthrop’s successful crafting career was facilitated by his family’s support and appreciation of the wood sculptures he made using three generations of woodturning. His grandchildren liked his work and would often visit him and show appreciation of his crafts by interacting with them. This motivated him and also gave him more ideas to come up with modified and better crafts that would convenient to people. Ed Moulthrop’s son sometimes helped him to polish the sculptures. For Lisa Sorrell, she was motivated by her husband to make cowboy boots as an American icon.  Lisa’s husband was the first to test the cowboy boots. Her husband acted as a test object to determine if the cowboy boots are fit and properly design meeting the expectations.

            Paul Marioni was motivated to do craft making because of his brothers who were artists too. His wife Marina Marioni collaborated with Paul in making glass crafts. Paul’s son appreciated their glass craft and would promote it by showing it to his friends which inspired Paul to continue doing his work. For Cliff and Holly Lee, the family has played a role in ensuring the success in their crafting work. These married couples inspired each other and collaborated together in making the clay crafts.

Heritage plays a role in craft creation has it enables one to produce incredible craft objects that are natural and unique therefore enabling the craft maker to have a career out of it and earn a living. Ed Moulthrop was able to earn a living out of selling his wooden crafts. He made crafting is career and even ended up opening a shop called “The Signature Shop & Gallery” where he sold his crafts. For Lisa Sorrell, heritage played a role in facilitating her cowboy boots craft through her passion to preserve the American culture. She designed the cowboy boots to acts as an American icon, representing America. For Cliff and Holly Lee, heritage played a role of enabling them to choose to use clay products in crafting objects which is a way of preserving the Asian culture.