Women’s Leadership During a Crisis Essay

During COVID-19, research on women’s leadership in crises has intensified. As a rule, these studies find a relationship between regions under the political control of a woman and low mortality and morbidity. There are also frequent cases of success in the business sphere when a woman manager in a crisis took the maximum benefit from solving the problem and was also able to take the company to a new level. However, in the academic field, women leaders have been little studied. The specifics of the educational sector lie in the motives, vision, and mission of the leader, who must focus on important scientific, pedagogical aspects of the activity. The leadership qualities shown by women in this light will be of much greater importance and an example for other employees of the academic industry. During the spread of COVID-19, administrative work in this area became more complicated, but certain managerial decisions by women, often with greater attention to soft skills, turned out to be the most correct and effective in such a difficult situation.

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