Statement Of Purpose

My Statement of Purpose

Growing up, I always loved math and sciences. I was that weird kid that liked calculus and algebra, and I thought that chemistry was fun. And because I excelled in those things, my Aunt Gin always told me: “Kinsey, the best way to use those interests and apply them to a career, is to pursue a profession in the healthcare field.

My Statement of Purpose As a Graduate Student

The doctoral program will provide me with an opportunity to learn more about higher education and prepare me to be a senior level college administrator. I have had several educational and life fulfilling opportunities to work with many administrators to help contribute to the field.

My Statement Of Purpose as a Medical Student

At Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU) I have engaged in rigorous coursework in zoology and botany, and also in physics, chemistry, philosophy, humanities, mathematics and psychology. As a freshman, I enrolled in a Plant Signal Transduction honors research tutorial that focused on fundamental molecular mechanisms that govern a plant’s response to its environment.